Stainless Steel

stainless steel, any one of a family of alloy steels usually containing 10 to 30 percent chromium.


Copper is a chemical element with the symbol Cu (from Latin: cuprum) and atomic number 29.


aluminum (Al), also spelled aluminium, it is a chemical element of the periodic table.


zurik is a combination of shredded nonferrous metals predominantly comprising stainless steel.

We follow earth-friendly and environmental-friendly approach to Scrap Metal Recycling

Welcome to Goel Steels

Goel Steels  is international trading enterprise. The head office of the company is based in Chandigarh, India; and this company was formed with a vision to import the highest-grade scrap material mainly Electric motor scrap, Alternators, Stators, Transformers and Zurik; followed by segregating various metals such as Copper, Stainless steel, Aluminium and supply these metal-scrap with exceptional service to customers and suppliers. We closely monitor the national and the international markets to import highest quality scrap and thereby provide a professional leverage to our customers to make informed decisions. We provide high quality materials to several diversified industries domestically and globally having developed strong relationship with suppliers and customers.

We source our scrap from various local and international yards such as Singapore, The USA, Germany, and Netherlands.


Our strategy has always been to achieve success through customer satisfaction. We try and provide the best service and help find solutions for our suppliers and customers.
Quality control has always been the backbone of any organization, GST is proud to share that our team will inspect your order regardless of size or distance.
Transportation is a key element of international business and in order to serve our customers efficiently we handle all your inland and ocean freight under one roof.
We are committed to provide the best quality product with impeccable customer service and support
Global Scrap Trading, LLC is currently working with leading importers, exporters, traders and manufacturers.
Metal scrap, plastic scrap and paper scrap as well as commercial trading in any kind of raw material.

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Goel Steels encourage employees with benefits and healthy working ambiance and if you are enthusiastic to face challenging situations and interested in making a difference in the world we have a position waiting for you.


Today, the worldwide recycling business has crossed the US$2 trillion mark. Incidentally, this figure is half the GDP of the second most populous country in the world, India. Nonetheless, this number could have been much more staggering had the estimated 3.5 billion people and thousands of industries from across the globe not been deprived of efficient waste management facilities and lack of regulation and regulatory bodies. This has resulted in a situation where almost 70% of the waste is currently land filled, most of it in Asia and Africa.

Although several countries have adopted strict laws against littering and dumping waste by providing state-of-the-art waste management facilities, there are others who have yet to setup relevant controls and also block loopholes within the existing ones. Global Scrap Trading LLC understands that waste management begins at the grass root level. This logic applies to both residential and industrial wastes. While the former is typically the bastion of the state government and local municipal authority, the industrial segment is open for commercial exploitation.

As mentioned above, a large chunk of waste still goes unprocessed which makes long term waste management and recycling a lucrative venture. It also translates into more jobs, cleaner world and value addition to something which has been tagged as “Rubbish”, a word synonymous with “Unworthiness” ... of handling and pursuing.

At Global Scrap Trading LLC, we have a different perspective altogether. By recycling waste materials such as plastic, metal, paper and rubber we contribute towards conservation of natural resources apart from the above mentioned leads. Global Scrap Trading LLC sources, inspects and delivers all kinds of waste, second choice and stock-lot materials to recyclers and end users across the globe. Our operations span over several countries, and we boast an impressive workforce who look at every consignment of waste with a smile and every reprocessed container with sense of accomplishment, of a promise made to people and the world for a greener and cleaner planet.

We don't consider recycling of waste as an avenue to make profit, instead we think of it as an opportunity to pay back to nature and also to be an active partner in creating a clean milieu for the future generations. We want to be an inspiration for everyone, especially the younger generation. We strongly believe that recycling business can produce more billionaires which have hitherto been associated with Manufacturing, Information Technology and Financial sectors. So, join hands with us and become our partner in a business which makes absolute sense, and also offers a sense of redemption. .

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We provide best quality copper scrap segregated from mostly imported motor and transformers scrap. As per MRAI website, In India, 30% of Copper production comes from copper scrap. By using Copper scrap, we reduce CO2 emission by 65%.


Shredded scrap is a large part of the recycling industry and can be utilized in multiple circumstances. We provide best quality imported Zurik.


We provide best quality steel scrap. Steel can be recycled multiple times without its material qualities being


We provide highest quality Aluminium-tense scrap mostly imported. As per MRAI website, In India one-third of Aluminium demand is supplied by secondary production. CO2 emissions are reduced by 92% when Aluminium scrap is used instead of bauxite.

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